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We have added a new customer to or portfolio. It’s a local Motorcycle shop that sales Motorcycle’s as well as works on them. Brenies Custom cycles has some nice motorcycles. Check them out if your looking for a Motorcycle or need one worked Bernie’s Custom Cycles. We are going through a audit to up our google rankings. I have been also speed testing our site to speed up the down load time. I’m always twiking on our site. Always looking for fast way to code and shortcuts. I don’t care who says they know everything their is to know about coding there’s always something else to learn. Till next time. Have a good day and be safe.

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Hello everyone well it’s Monday night and I have been code slinging all day and trying to update some website’s. I’m almost finished with home page. I like using google web tools to do audits on the pages I design. I’m now try to work on a service worker script. Its getting into some money I have to buy SSL for Sbpspace so now I’m try to turn some revenue to cover what I’m going to be out for SSL. Now to start building a service worker script while I wait. Keep the emails coming and comments coming at Thanks for the support. Till next time God bless and be safe.

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SBPspace_Blog 3/5/2017

Hello everyone hope all is well. I had a minute thought I would stop in and post. I have been trying to update a website I’m hosting for a telecommunications IT & DC Installation LLC. The site is the group is out of Kentucky our home state too. But I have been mobile for the last month. So with the help of my 2📱 (IPHONES) and webdev. Apps like FTPOnTheGo, Photonator, web & source. To name a few and my hosting account at Godaddy. I have a happy customer and able to do my web design on the road. Well till next time keep the emails coming at and be safe and God bless.

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Hello everyone, hope all is well I have been giving the site an update. It's got that old look and being in a industry that is always updating data. I have to move up. I have been doing the transition form web editing on a laptop to web editing on my iPhone. My research is getting deeper. I'm on the hunt for the best web editing apps for iPhone. I normally use Microsoft Share Point designer 2007. If Microsoft would build an app I would be grateful but seeing how that's never going to happen I need to move on. If you know of any good design apps email me at Well till next time you all keep the emails coming.

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Hello everyone,
Yes I'm still here I got a little predictive at work and even though I'm glad to have the work I got a lot accomplished I'm back blogging. #sbpspace grew up some and were about to make some changes to our web presence. So you will see some changes to the web site. All though we are helping more and more people with there on line networking. We do more business by word of mouth than online. So it's time to fine tone our media network.presence. We have been doing websites but that's not our only assignment we have been helping people with a long list of assignments. Like information highway traffic jams that slows you down from being predictive. That's where comes in when our customers get in a jam on the info. Highway they call us. Just the other day a freelance website builder was trying to get a QR code for a website she was working on and I went to the website and build her one and sent the code to her via email. I'm now on location working to support a customer that is building a art web site . I'm helping them to build thumbnails of there art exhibits and linking them to the photo for a online exhibit. Well I'm going to head back up to the swamp lol AKA sbpspace office to do a walk through on a project were a costumer is putting his Smart house on his website so people can enter act with him. Ok that's all the time I have for now my business director is look at me and pointing at her watch. Thank you all for the emails keep them coming. I love my swamp dwellers talk to Ya soon.


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Hello World,

     We here at try to make the Web a little less complicated. We like to help costumers and Web users alike to get their content posted. Whether it’s a class reunion, biker rally or a corporate

Video conference. Our goal is to bridge the void between everyday people and the tech. world in the information universe. This Blog is design to help you on your day-to-day journey to getting your content up on the Information Web. If you are out there trying to get a web site up or just trying to get your Facebook for your church working contact and lit us take the worries out of it my email:

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